Business Hours and Contact Methods with Response Times

Business Hours and Contact Methods with Response Times

Standard Business Hours
Monday thru Friday: 7am-5:30pm

After Hours and Weekend Work
Short <5min computer questions: No Charge (eg when at the store shopping and you have a quick question)
Emergency Work: Billed at after hours emergency rate.
Feel free to Open a Support Request/Text Message me during non-business hours. If I'm not busy I may respond, otherwise it will be handled the next business day.

Contact Methods and Response Times
Preferred Communication: (you will get me live if I'm available, and auto-create Support Request if I'm not): Chat Online
Immediate Assistance: Call (770) 778-1672
Emergency Assistance: Call (770) 778-1672 and if I don't answer I'm probably on the line with another customer. Call back right away a 2nd time and I'll answer 95% of the time during business hours.
Non-Immediate Same Day Response/Quick Questions: Text (770) 778-1672
24-48hr Response as time permits:  Submit Request or send me an E-mail.
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