Laser Printer Information

Laser Printer Information

Toner: The fine black powdered ink used to print text and images.    
Drum: The device used to transfer the toner to the paper (creates the image).

When Ordering:
  • HP Laser printers usually have the Toner and Drum parts together.
  • Brother printers have them separately.  
The Drum is the more expensive part, so it is recommended to purchase a printer where the Toner and Drum are separate.  

Printer Sizing (size of toner cartridge):
  • Up to 50 pages per week, purchase a small printer cartridge.
  • If printing 50 pages or more, a larger printer cartridge is preferred.
Bigger will always save money in the long run.  Toner cartridges will have an estimated number of pages per cartridge for example:
$35 for 500 page cartridge: $35/500 = $0.07 per page
$80 for 5000 page cartridge: $85/5000 = $0.016 per page

Eg: If you print 15,000 pages a year, the difference in cost between the two printers in consumables (toner) is 
$1050 (30*$35) for the small printer
$255 (3*$85) for the large printer

Saving Money After Purchase: 
Most printers will prompt you to change the drum/toner after certain number of printer pages.  However, it is only necessary when the quality of text/image is going bad (see below).  

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