Using Lastpass to change passwords

Using Lastpass to change passwords

Running the Security Challenge

First figure out what passwords you need to update. 
Open Lastpass Vault

Run the security Challenge

When prompted about email addresses choose cancel unless you want to check. If you've been saving other people's passwords in your account be careful!

Review and update 

Updating passwords. Feel free to use the "Launch Site" button, but never trust the "Auto-change" rarely works.

As you change passwords, use the eyeball to reveal passwords as you change them. Otherwise you have to run the security challenge again to have this screen update

Changing passwords philosophy

Do not manually change passwords only in Lastpass. You're only changing what you think the password should be. You're not changing the password at the website!
  1. Go to the website
  2. Find where you can change the password in that website
  3. Change the password in the website
  4. Use lastpass to generate passwords.
  5. Make sure lastpass gets updated with the new password
  6. If in doubt, log out. Then use lastpass to login, if it works you know you're good.

Using the Lastpass Password Generator

It's always easier to do password changes from Mac/Windows not mobile devices

Firefox Users

Make sure to disable the clear clipboard function so if you take longer than expected and something goes wrong you don't loose your temporary password

When you're logged into the website go thru the password resetting process

Generate a new password with lastpass. Use the toolbar, not the form field icon.

Adjust the generate password parameters to match what the website requires. Ideally 16 chars of all 4 categories Upper/Lower/Numbers/Symbols
Copy the generated password to the clipboard

Once you have pasted the generated password into the new password field submit the password change to the website and STOP.
Wait for Lastpass to wake up. READ WHAT IT SAYS
Sometimes Lastpass does the right thing automatically, sometimes it asks you a question. Sometimes it never wakes up.

Yes Lastpass woke up

No Lastpass didn't wake up

Manually paste the new password into lastpass