PC Rangers Express, Inc.

            What PC Rangers Express, Inc. does

            The business is owned and operated as a Technology Consulting Business targeting Small-Mid sized businesses and Home Users. Basically if you need help with technology of any kind I'm your one stop call (excluding programming). 

            It's run by David Troesch a general IT Consultant with 19+ years of experience with all manner of technology.

            Some of the common things that my customers call me about are:
            • Office setup
            • Network installs 
            • Assisting with computer hardware and software purchases (We don't sell those directly just help you with selecting the right equipment) 
            • Server maintenance 
            • Computer/printer/router/network setup and support 
            • Technology training 
            • Office management software (Lytec, Medinotes, Wisdom etc.) configuration and management. 
            • Telephone and Internet service signup, support, and troubleshooting 
            • Virus/spyware/slow computer troubleshooting 
            • E-mail and website purchasing, migration and setup 
            • Cell phone use and setup. Integration with E-mail etc. 
            • Password management setup (lastpass.com and alternatives) 
            • Limited Website updates (new website creation or complex implementations are referred to others)

            There's many other things we also do. Feel free to call me about anything technology related, if I can't help you I can put you in touch with someone that can.
            Updated: 27 Mar 2014 03:36 AM
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