Regular Computer Maintenance - The Recurring Computer Todo List

Regular Computer Maintenance - The Recurring Computer Todo List

Here's the standard list of what you need to do to keep your computer at optimum health:

  • Updating Operating system with any new patches
  • Update software that touches the internet
    • Web Browser
    • Flash (IE and other browsers)
    • PDF Reading software
    • Java
Weekly to Monthly
  • Check preconfigured backups are working
  • Check for critical Windows Events in the System Log (Disk errors, repeatedly crashing programs. Frequently a computer will give you warning signs that something is failing. It's always better to be prepared)
Every 6 Months or Annually
  • Run HDD Surface Scan (fixing recoverable HDD errors before they become unrecoverable problems)

If you'd like me to do it for you I do all of the above, and also:
  • Computer optimization for speed (removing unnecessary: software, browser toolbars, browser addons/extensions)
  • Checking for signs of viruses/spyware
  • Check for problems in the Event Viewer
  • 25+ years of experience on the lookout for things that "aren't right"

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