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            Backups - The 3-2-1 Rule: If you don't have one expect to loose your data

            Do I need to have a backup?

            Throw your computer/electronic device out the window, and then ask yourself do you want to get access to anything that was once on your device. If you say "OMG, I need xyz back!", then you need to have a backup solution.

            The 3-2-1 Backup Strategy

            1. Have at least THREE copies of your data
            2. Store the copies on TWO different types of media
              • For example one copy is on the c: drive under your Windows/Mac profile
              • A second copy is on an external USB Hard drive
            3. Keep ONE backup copy offsite
              • Because of the advent of crypto viruses starting in 2016, if you don't have an offsite/offline backup a crypto virus will encrypt all data backups that it can reach (which would include a connected USB Hard drive backup)

            What this usually looks like is:

            • 1 copy is the live data on the computer/device
            • 1 copy is usually a locally attached HDD (or NAS if you have multiple devices)
            • 1 copy is an online backup service: 
              • PC Rangers Hosted backup
              • idrive
              • carbonite etc


            If you have all Mac devices, use the iCloud Photos service (but you will most likely have to pay for upgraded storage space)

            Otherwise and on top of iCloud Photos: Google photos as it's cloud based, automatic from your most likely acquisition source (your phone) and you get a lot of additional features with it: Great search, highlighting, fixes and enhanced pictures etc.

            A backup should...

            1. Preferably a run automatically without you having to do anything/plug in anything
            2. You should check to make sure it's running every week/month/quarter

            What is NOT a backup

            • RAID array (0, 5, 10 etc)
            • When you move data from one place to another. If there is only one copy of the information on an external Harddrive when that Harddrive dies you will loose the information

            PC Rangers Hosted backup


            You'll check the icon in the systray (bottom right by the clock - it may be hidden in the up arrow)


            If you're using a Mac, there should be two backups configured on your computer:
            Time Machine

            Make sure the date is recent.

            The 2nd backup is the online backup

            Again make sure the date is recent.

            Updated: 26 Jun 2019 03:35 AM
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